Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas That Will Melt Her Heart

Choosing romantic unique Valentine’s day gifts a woman should be a pleasure, with thoughts and feelings of how much it will make her feel loved, special and wanted.

To put emphasis on the special, then you should, first and foremost, consider her and her individual likes and dislikes. Whether you are just considering a gift of flowers, such as red roses, or a gift basket, it will not be very romantic if you end up buying something which your Valentine does not like or appreciate, and which clearly shows you do not have a clue about the real her. Your unique Valentine’s day gifts and tokens of love must come from the heart.

Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, so why not make it just that, a day? If your budget allows, and she can be available for the day, then try spending some time thinking about what would make her very happy and spoiled, pampered, and very much loved.

By planning a full Valentine Day, you will undoubtedly make her Valentine’s gift unique. In fact, the gift will be a series of gifts and events spread throughout the day. Timing and order could be very important, and that is something you will have to judge depending on your girlfriend or wife.

The permutations for a true Valentine “Day” are endless. If you first decide what to include, then think about the best timing and order for her to get maximum pleasure out of her unique Valentine’s day gifts, the days itinerary will gradually full into place. For example, if a romantic, candlelit evening meal is an essential, then you need to get that booked well in advance and the time set. Should you believe she would love to be pampered in a day spa for much of the morning, then that that too would need to be booked well in advance, as would an afternoon makeover and hairdo.

Keep As Much Of Your Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts A Secret

While it cannot be that much of a surprise as a day (after all she will need to be asked to be available all day), you can keep the individual elements of the day, and the unique Valentine’s day gifts, secret. How is this for an example?:

  1. A very beautiful Valentine Card on the breakfast table waiting her, or delivered by courier to her door.
  2. Early morning delivery of flowers to her home, or yours if you live together. Including roses? Well, that’s up to you, but more of that later.
  3. A visit to a good day spa where she can be pampered from head to foot for the morning.
  4. A light lunch somewhere that is a bit out of the ordinary, but relaxing and with a warm and welcoming ambiance. Maybe a floating restaurant if you have one close enough, or anything else with a romantic touch.
  5. It’s off to the parlor for a hairdo, manicure, pedicure and makeover.
  6. She’ll be feeling on top of the world by now, a great time for more unique Valentine’s day gifts, such as a trip to a boutique or two to find that perfect outfit for the evening meal.
  7. Home on schedule, to await the delivery of a gift basket that includes a bottle of her favorite wine (for later), some feminine and floral fragrances including bath salts, so she can have a long relaxing soak in the bath before going out for the meal.
  8. While she’s in the bath, hide a new bottle of a perfume she has always wanted inside the new dress so she will find it as she gets ready for the evening.
  9. A wonderful candlelit meal, with her favorite choice of foods available; a romantic ambiance is a necessary to top off the evening.
  10. As you order your dessert, more well timed unique Valentine’s day gifts such as delivery of fresh roses to the restaurant, and then your table. You’ll need a reliable florist and a bit of time watching for this!
  11. Back home and an offer to open the wine.
  12. While she is in the bathroom, replace the bedroom lighting with scented candles, and place her last gift, some new lingerie, on the pillow to await her.

That is an expensive example, and please do not send me the bill. However, I am sure you get the idea. Valentine’s Day can be an experience, not just a card, a rose, and a meal but some unique Valentine’s day gifts she’ll love.

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