The Easy Way To Avoid Holiday Weight Gains

What do you do if your one Christmas wish is to avoid holiday weight gain? We all know the stresses and strains involved with Christmas, and the overindulging that we’ll unashamedly take part in, but what are you going to do if you’re already ashamed in the overindulging you’ve been doing?

In this article we’re going to have a look at six little things you can do to make sure that an increase in weight isn’t a holiday gift that you can’t return any time soon.

Let’s just start by saying that it isn’t going to be easy, it never is, and when you’re surrounded by all of those Christmas goodies it becomes even harder. That wasn’t brought up now to put you off; just think of it as a reality check. As the old saying goes, ‘forewarned is forearmed’.

Avoid holiday weight gain tip 1: planning ahead.

Seeing as we mentioned an old saying earlier let’s follow it up with another good one here, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. In this case the saying can easily apply to the fact that you know the Christmas season will be hectic, and there will be temptations along the way.

If you’re doing any form of working out then you need to know when you can fit it in with whatever other obligations you have over this period. Sure, unexpected things happen that can change your plans, but, if you’ve planned everything as well as you can, those unexpected things needn’t throw out your scheduled workouts for the whole of the holiday season.

Avoid holiday weight gain tip 2: the office Christmas treats.

If you’re working in an office then the chances are your co-workers are going to start bringing in some Christmas goodies. What to do? It seems rude to say ‘no’, and even ruder to be the one that gets stuck in and leaves very little for the rest, so how do you strike a happy medium?

The best way is to make sure you aren’t too hungry when the naughty little treats hit the table. Obviously you don’t want to have an extra large lunch just to combat this problem, do you? If you answered ‘no’, well done, if you said ‘yes’ then you need to underline this bit, have a few healthy snacks tucked away in your draw that you can eat just before the treats arrive.

If you do then you can eat one or two little treats to be polite, and you won’t be so hungry that you’re tempted to just leave the room with the whole plate.

Avoid holiday weight gain tip 3: the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ trap.

So many people decide that they’re going to put off their fitness regime until they can do it as part of the dreaded New Year’s Resolution, and this is a big mistake. Most people starting a New Year’s Resolution will stop again before the end of the first month – the first week in the case of some people.

If you keep any fitness programme you’re on going over the Christmas holiday period then you’re far less likely to gain much weight during that time anyway. Doesn’t it make more sense to do a few minutes each day as a way to keep it off, rather than several hours a week in the New Year so as to get rid of it again?

Avoid holiday weight gain tip 4: eat before going out to a Christmas function.

This is quite a similar idea to the tip for avoiding the office treats. If you can eat something in advance you will be less hungry when all of the ‘naughty’ food arrives in front of you.

Eat sensibly during the day, and have a fairly light meal before going out. Remember, if you eat at home you’ll have far more control over the food available to you, and you won’t feel quite as hungry when you get to the food that could explode your weight gain.

Avoid holiday weight gain tip 5: lack of motivation now, means more work to do in the future.

We don’t always feel up for doing an exercise routine, and during the Christmas period the stress can make us even less motivated to do something other than get ready for the big day, but this is when you need to do it the most.

Start by saying to yourself that you’ll do ten minutes. It doesn’t have to be a full on exercise routine, it could be something you do every day that gets your heart pumping. If you have to go out and get a few last minute gifts, and don’t feel you have time to exercise too that day, then park about five minutes further away from the shop than you would have otherwise.

By the time you’ve walked from the car to the shop, and then back again, you’ll have done that ten minutes that you couldn’t get yourself motivated enough to do.

Avoid holiday weight gain tip 6: stand well clear of the kitchen or the buffet.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to just pick at a few things that are on the table? Have you ever stopped to think just how much you’ve eaten by the time you stop picking at the things on the table? I’m sure you’d be surprised if you ever worked it out.

When you’re socialising you don’t have to stand near the table. The further you are away from it the less likely you are to keep picking things up to eat.

There we have it; six simple things you can do to avoid holiday weight gain this Christmas.

Start by realizing that temptation will be everywhere, more so than at any other time when you may be trying to avoid tempting food. Plan ahead for when you can work out, as well as plan on eating healthy snacks before the treats come out at work, have a light meal before going out to a function, make sure you don’t stand near the buffet, and, if motivation becomes an issue, change something that you have to do so that it has an extra exertion element added to it.

So, ditch the New Year’s Resolution mentality and make sure you avoid holiday weight gain.

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