Quinceanera Dress Styles – Three Steps to Finding the Perfect One

Your daughter’s Quinceanera is a celebration of her coming of age so it is important to get one of the  best quinceanera dress styles for her. As with traditional Sweet 16 parties in the United States, it is a significant part of Latin culture.

You’ll want to be sure she has the perfect dress, fitting for her body, personality, and the special nature of the celebration. Follow these simple steps in choosing the perfect Quinceanera dress.

1. There are many Quinceanera dress styles and prices, so decide on a budget

Remember that the dress is just one part of the event, and you and your family need to know how much you intend to spend. Discuss the budget with your daughter, and do some online shopping to determine what’s available. Most Quinceanera dress styles cost hundreds of dollars, so you’ll want to make sure you make a good investment.

2. Next, decide which gowns will be best for your daughter’s body type

Full length gowns are most popular for a quinceanra, and there are a number of designs available. Some are strapless, while others may have matching jackets or shawls to accompany them. If your daughter is tall, you may want to choose a gown with more material.

If she’s self-conscious about her height, pair the gown with flats instead of high heels. Likewise, if your daughter is apple shaped, choose one of the many Quinceanera dress styles that flows, particularly through the waist line. Don’t get one with thin straps that will dig into her shoulders.

Finally, choose a skirt style that is straight or only slightly flared. Keep in mind that all teenage girls feel self-conscious about their bodies, and you’ll want to choose a dress style that highlights her assets and the features she’s most comfortable with. You may want to consult a personal shopper or even do some online research to find the perfect Quinceanera dress style for your daughter.

3. Choose a color and style that best demonstrates your daughter’s personality

You’ll want her to be comfortable and feel like a princess during her celebration, as she is the star of the show. Quinceanera dresses are available in a number of bright and vibrant colors, from angelic white to yellow to shades of pink and blue. Work with your daughter to choose a color that looks good with her skin tone.

For instance, if she has dark skin, a bright blue may be perfect, and for paler skin, you may want to go with a pastel purple. Accents, such as sequins, lace, or beads, add a unique look to each gown. You can then accessorize with earrings, a necklace, and perhaps a small clutch purse.

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