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A Brief History of Christmas Lights

Have you ever thought about a time, in the dim and distant past, when there were no such things as Christmas lights? What it would have been like in the days when the children would have been stumbling around in the dark if they were up and trying to find their presents at 3 am? It […]

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5 Tips for Recycling Christmas Cards

Have you ever stopped and wondered if there was a way of recycling Christmas cards, instead of just throwing them out when the holidays are over? Obviously most towns and cities have their paper recycling plants, but that’s not going to save you any money, so what’s the answer? In this article we’re going to look […]

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A Brief History of the Christmas Tree

Have you ever wondered about the roots of the Christmas tree as you’ve been decorating it? We all know about the main symbolism surrounding Christmas, but how often have you stopped and wondered about the tree? In this article we’re going to look at some of the key events that have led to the tree becoming one […]

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