An Old-Fashioned Christmas in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever wonder what happened to the old-fashioned Christmas that we – people over a certain age – used to enjoy? The days when you were happy to get almost anything as a gift, when Santa was the main topic of conversation, Christmas was Christmas and not reduced to some homogeneous ‘holiday season’, those were the days.

In this article we’re going to have a look at the three key things you can change this Christmas to bring back a little bit of the feeling of those days of old.

Old-Fashioned Christmas step 1: the Christmas decorations.

For most people the Christmas season really starts the day the first of the Christmas decorations go up; I say the day the first of the Christmas decorations go up because people have so many decorations these days that it can take them a whole weekend to put up, what with the untangling and testing of lights, and building frames to make sure the Christmas decorations don’t fall down etc, etc.

If you want to have a bit of a change from the competitive sport of covering the house in Christmas decorations then we need to get back to some Old-Fashioned Christmas basics.

Let’s start with the old-fashioned Christmas tree – a must for that trip back in time. Although it can make a lot of financial sense to buy a plastic Christmas tree that you take apart and put back together each year, there’s not much that says it’s Christmas time than the smell of a freshly cut pinus radiata tree – or the equivalent in your respective country.

Now that we’ve managed purged the plastic, and reinstated the real, how about some traditional hand-made decorations to go on it?

Not everything that goes on an old-fashioned Christmas tree has to be hand-made, and certainly doesn’t have to be new, shiny, and made of plastic, a good mixture of the old and the new works very well. Do you remember the pride you felt when a hand-made star or string of popcorn was placed lovingly on the family Christmas tree? Why not give someone else that same feeling?

Get the Christmas music going, knock up a bowl of eggnog, and set down a challenge for the best Christmas tree decoration. Of course, everyone’s a winner, because we don’t want to do anything to disrupt the Christmas atmosphere – and the ‘also ran’s’ can sit a little bit lower down on the tree.

Old-Fashioned Christmas step 2: the Christmas baking.

I know, sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? But just think of how much better it will taste knowing you did it yourself.

With so many cooking books, and cooking programmes in the TV, you’re always going to find something that you can bake for the Christmas festivities. Better still, do you have any old traditional recipes that you used to enjoy when you were younger? Now would be as good a time as any to resurrect those long forgotten old recipes.

If you really want to cut back on all of the processed foods, especially seeing there’ll be so much of it about over the Christmas period, then knowing what’s going into the baking is an ideal reason for doing it yourself.

Food allergies seem to be extremely common now, so being able to substitute ingredients rather than trawling through the microscopic labelling on the packaging is going to save you time – as well as a possible trip to the hospital.

Pies, cookies, Christmas puddings, mulled wine, the old-fashioned Christmas baking and cooking is enough to get the mouth watering by just thinking about it. It’s also a great way to get the kid’s involved and give them something that they can look back at with fond memories.

Old-Fashioned Christmas step 3: Christmas Day.

Ah, Christmas Day. The kid’s are up before the sun has even set on Christmas Eve, there’s paper all over the place, and small bits of plastic from the gifts has found its way onto the floor, good times. There is a great way around most of this, though.

Have you ever thought of getting someone to dress as Santa – seeing as the real one is tucked up in bed in the North Pole, after his hard night’s work – to hand out the presents? A nice touch is to give them out in the order of youngest to oldest, of course, that’s depending on how patient they can be – older people can be very impatient when it comes to getting Christmas presents.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere then it’s a great time to go outside and have a snowball fight, or maybe do a bit of sledding, snowman building, or any number of things that you can do in the snow.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere then it’s time for the old B-B-Q, picnics down on the sand, a spot of beach cricket, and a number of other summertime family pastimes.

There we have it; an old-fashioned Christmas in 3 easy steps.

Start by thinking about the things that used to excite you when you were a youngster over the Christmas season, and then see what you can do to replicate it.

Instead of going out and buying decorations get the family involved in hand-making a few. Have a go at baking a few things for the big day, and also get the kids involved in that too.

Finally, try to make Christmas Day a bit different this year, and then go out and do something as a family – no matter what season of the year it is where you are.

No matter what the technological advances are it’s always nice to have an Old-Fashioned Christmas.

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