7 More Things to do to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Is trying to avoid holiday weight gain still giving you problems? In an earlier article we looked at seven simple ways to help beat the bulge over the Christmas period, but, there are other ways that may be able to help you out even more.

In this article we have a further seven ways that you can try out to make certain that no tricky little treats slip their way into your festive fun.

Tip 1 to avoid holiday weight gain: get your workouts scheduled.

If you want to get through the Christmas season i.e. buying the right gifts, making sure you don’t forget any gifts, getting all the food etc, then you’re going to have to have a plan, if you do, then try to find some time each day that you can put aside to do a bit of exercising.

The exercising that you do doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time – frankly you probably don’t have much time to give over to exercising over Christmas – but pencilling in 10 to 15 minutes where possible is going to make all the difference.

Tip 2 to avoid holiday weight gain: cutting down on the dressings.

This one is so easy to do, and just as easy not to do. If you go out for a Christmas meal try to keep away from all of the additional dressings and gravy that are always within reach.

When you go out you know you’ll have to eat something, but, do you realise just how many calories those little extras like gravy and dressing can add to a meal? It’s so easy just to pass on them, and it’ll make that Christmas meal taste even better knowing that you’ve managed to cut at least some of the calories from it.

Tip 3 to avoid holiday weight gain: check out the healthy options.

These days people are starting to add healthier options when it comes to the food that they offer at their parties, it doesn’t always happen at Christmas parties, but it’s still worth having a bit of a look on the table before you decide to add that third slice of Christmas cake to your plate.

If you know your food in advance you’ll be able to quickly some up the super healthy options from the healthy options, to the downright sin on earth options. You may not find a super healthy option, but ditch the dips and you’ll still be able to get something reasonably healthy to eat.

Tip 4 to avoid holiday weight gain: exercise where you can.

If you’re a gym member you’re going to find it harder to get along there over the Christmas period, not necessarily because they’ll be busier, but because you’ll be busier.

Seeing as you don’t have the extra time needed to drive there and back, find a space to park, and get changed etc, you should try to get your exercise where you can. This could be at home by taking ten to fifteen minutes out of your busy schedule, or, by walking a bit more when you’re out.

Believe it or not this will not only help you to control your weight over the Christmas period, the distraction will help you to clear your mind, relieve a bit of the holiday stress, and let you get back to what you were doing with a better frame of mind.

Tip 5 to avoid holiday weight gain: eliminating the unnecessary calories.

You have to eat at Christmas, and you can’t completely avoid the tantalizingly tasty treats on offer, but you do know to avoid the extras like gravy and dressing, so here’s something else to cut right back on – alcohol.

What’s a night out without copious amounts of alcohol? Well, seeing as the average drink contains anywhere from 150 to 200 calories per glass, it means you’re not going to end the holiday season twice the size you were when you started it.

There are a lot of ‘good’ drinks you can have so as not to feel left out when you’re socialising, for instance, try mixing wine and diet soda; you don’t have to be on the orange juice all night. Even just having half as much as you would normally have had for a night out will help to reduce the number of calories you have over the holidays.

Tip 6 to avoid holiday weight gain: snack before you shop.

This is something that a lot of people could do to help avoid the urge to buy something nice to eat while they’re out.

If you feel hungry while you’re out you’re more likely to grab a bite to eat while doing the Christmas shopping, and given the time of the year that it is, what you decide to grab is probably not going to be the healthiest of the options available to you at the time.

If you have a light snack before going out you’re not going to be as tempted by the food that you see and smell as you’re going about your shopping; you may still be tempted, just not as tempted.

Tip 7 to avoid holiday weight gain: socialize more, eat less.

If you spend more of your time at these Christmas functions socializing, then you’re not going to spend as much of the time nibbling on the many treats on offer. Remember it’s very impolite to speak with your mouth full, so keep talking, stop eating, and you’ll be the height of politeness – and a lot healthier at the end of the holiday season.

There we have it; 7 more things to do to avoid holiday weight gain over this Christmas period.

Cut back on the treats and look for the healthier options that have been made available. Avoid the extra calories you find in the dressings, gravy, and the four or five additional glasses of wine. Get some exercise whenever and wherever you can, and, have a light snack before going out shopping where tempting Christmas treats will be lurking around every corner.

Follow as many of these as you can and you will be able to avoid holiday weight gain.

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