Top 10 Popular Christmas Gifts For Children

Knowing the popular Christmas gifts for children can be hard. It’s no secret that kids like to have fun. This is also the age where most people are the most active so whatever you get your child make sure it is something they will enjoy. Christmas gifts are probably more important to kids than anyone else, which is why it is always appropriate to go all out when it comes to a kids gift.

You probably have an idea of what the particular kid enjoys to do. Whether they like to play video games, watch movies, ride toy motorcycles or anything else, the Christmas gift you choose should be something they will like.

Kids can be very sensitive, so make sure that you don’t get the kid something that they will not like, because it could backfire. Put a little thought into it, find out what some popular Christmas gifts for children are, ask the kid or parent subtly and you should be able to make an educated choice on what gift to choose.

Below You Will Find The Top 10 Popular Christmas Gifts For Children In 2017. Merry Christmas!

Teddy Ruxpin

The Storytime and the Magical Bear Teddy Ruxpin is every child’s favorite snuggle bear and that’s why it is a perfect Christmas gift to give to any kids.




Fingerling Monkeys

Sold out in almost every store in the nation, it is one of the most popular Christmas gifts for children. Fingerling Monkeys do make a lovely gift to a kid as they can be perceived as a lovely pet that they can take with anywhere just having it hang around on their finger.


Playhut Thomas the Train Play Vehicle

Wouldn’t it be so much fun for the kids to pretend they are riding their own little train? Let the child’s imagination keep them happy and joyful with this safe Playhut.




LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

800 block pieces, a move hub, and a color-and-distance sensor, this new release from LEGO is among the more popular Christmas gifts for children. It gets both kids and adults all excited with this entertaining robot. This will surely add to your existing LEGO collection.





Giant Stuffed Unicorn

Tell me one kid who doesn’t like unicorns… And what could be better than a unicorn is a giant one. This definitely will put a smile on any child’s face! Now who wants to be the most favorite uncle or auntie?





KidiRace RC Police Car

The remote is easy to use, it’s affordable (you know how long-lasting a race car is for a kid), and did I mention it’s a Police car? It’s definitely a boy’s dream come true in a box!


Power Wheels Wild Thing

If you want to make your kid the coolest one on the block then try this popular Christmas gift for children, a little spoiling with this Power Wheel Wild Thing will do it. A little twist and turn ride will surely make the kid feel like the luckiest kid around!



Anki Cozmo Robot

Anki Cozmo Robot is powered with a smart AI; it comes with great entertaining personality. It comes with a personality, and a cute persona that will make any kid fall in love with. 



Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Want some popular Christmas gifts for children that fit any girl? A perfect gift for your little girl especially if she’s a fan of Barbie dolls. The Hello Doll house has it all; an elevator, an elegant spinning, a chandelier, and it’s also got the Wifi Voice-control Technology.

Why not give this gift that will go into her collection and be her little sanctuary and play station for many years to come. It’s a pretty good investment if you ask me.


Air Wars Battle Drones

How many times have we seen those remotely-controlled plane / helicopter toys get destroyed because kids played them the way they weren’t made to played? Well, if your answer is more often than you’d like, this gift will be perfect. This means the drones are made for them to be in battle. You can expect the toys to last longer and do what the kids like to see; two controllable flying objects battling!


These are some of the most popular Christmas gifts for children this year. Just remember to ask your child what they really want, this way you make sure to make him or her happy.

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