5 Tips for Recycling Christmas Cards

Have you ever stopped and wondered if there was a way of recycling Christmas cards, instead of just throwing them out when the holidays are over? Obviously most towns and cities have their paper recycling plants, but that’s not going to save you any money, so what’s the answer?

In this article we’re going to look at 5 ways you can recycle Christmas cards, and save some money when next Christmas rolls around.

Recycling Christmas Cards Tip 1: children’s Christmas jigsaw

Because cards aren’t on the standard thick backing of a normal jigsaw you have to be a little bit more creative, or less as the case may be. Just take four or five cards and cut them into about six pieces each; the cards don’t have to be interlocking.

That should leave you with around 24 pieces that you can mix up and then put back together into the original four cards. The puzzle won’t keep you busy for hours, but it can be fun for small kids.

Recycling Christmas Cards Tip 2: new Christmas tree ornaments

There are two things you can do to create your Christmas tree ornament.

First, you can cut the back off of the card to leave just the picture, create a fancy edge around it using pinking shears, and then hang it directly from the tree.

Alternatively you could take three cinnamon sticks, tie them together with a ribbon – leaving a loop so you can hang it from the tree – cut a nice small picture from a card, and then glue the picture over the part of the ribbon where the knot is.

As well as having a festive look the cinnamon stick ornament gives off a wonderfully Christmas scent.

Recycling Christmas Cards Tip 3: even more Christmas scents

Take your card and glue two of the sides together; this should give you one open side. Take a little bit of Christmas scented potpourri and put it into the card. Seal up the remaining opening.

Punch a small hole in the top of the card and thread through a nice piece of ribbon. Tie the ribbon in a bow and then use the loop in the bow to hang the scented card from the Christmas tree, or any other place where a nice Christmas scent may be needed.

Recycling Christmas Cards Tip 4: a Christmas mobile

Take your cards and decide which cards are a good match for each other; they may have a similar scene, theme, or just seem like a great fit.

Glue those cards back to back so the pictures are facing outwards. Pick a nice shape that will show as much of the scene in each card as possible, then cut that shape out of the card.

When you have four or five of these cards then you can punch a hole in them, thread through a nice piece of ribbon, and then tie them along the length of a coat hanger. If you want to disguise the coat hanger a little you can tie ribbons around that, too.

This can then be hung from the ceiling. You can hang it from anywhere you like, you just have to make sure that the pictures are free to dangle and move.

Recycling Christmas Cards Tip 5: Christmas card gift tags

This is something that you can get the kids involved in.

Start by picking out nice cards that aren’t too big; there’s no need to dwarf the actual gift. Stick some paper to the back of the card to cover any writing that may be on it.

Cut a nice Christmas shape out of the card and then punch a hole in it so you can thread some ribbon through it.
You can attach it to the gifts and now you also have the ‘clean’ paper on the back of the tag to write names on.

There we have it; 5 tips for recycling Christmas cards.

Cards don’t need to be thrown out, or even recycled by someone else. With a little bit of imagination you can save some money and have some new decorations just by taking some time and recycling Christmas cards.

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